To Kiss the World Through a Veil of Lead

Vision II

Black. Blue. Grey, Red. Green. Indigo. Pearly white brown. Pink opaque. Yellow, yellower, muted orange. A wave of colour follows another. Red, red, red, red. White gradients fading into green fading into blue. Olive, crimson, maroon.

You are perception. You do not know if you have a body, you are unaware of the concept of body. You are awareness, rods, cones. You are photosensitivity. Blue, cyan, bluer, darker, navy. Ocean. You are the feeling of waves of colour that flow directionless, puddles of sensations. You do not have limbs, you do not understand limbs, you see exquisite gradations of colours that cannot be satisfactorily expressed in anything but colours. Existence is a tapestry woven out of light; you are light seeing light.

Certain photons hit you and are delightful. Snow, pearl, stained with dots of fuchsia. The dots grow. Fuchsia. Fuchsia. Fuchsia. With veins of white. Others are not as pleasing, but you cannot look away. Timeless shifting colours, sculptures of sand bigger than the universe. Multicoloured monoliths feed you with pluripotent light and slather your only sense; sensuous shaded shine. Pink, lavender, royal blue. Blurred bubbles of amber and auburn.

Ash grey, azure, mist blue, beige, blond. Violet, boysenberry, brick red. Magenta, khaki, jade, mahogany — light brown. Lilac and lime, taupe and firebrick, salmon and mauve…platinum, plum, purple. Rose, quartz, seashell, mint. Moccasin. Champagne. Magnolia. Burgundy! Viridian! Smoke and wine, vermillion, verdigris and gold.

The stream of shades is infinite and you embrace them all with your consciousness which is your body which is your mind which is vision. Firstnesses. Finessed perception, nothing else. Firstnesses. Turquoise, sapphire, carrot, mustard, icterine, goldenrod and glitter, white, lilac, denim, chestnut, daffodil, chartreuse, liver, malachite, orchid, lava, lemon, jasper. Icterine. Firstness. Thoughts in shades of blue, red, red, red, pink, white. Red.