To Kiss the World Through a Veil of Lead

To Kiss the World Through a Veil of Lead was written by Gui Machiavelli in 2017, as his graduation project at the Sandberg Institute. They all follow very strict rules: 300 words, a 2nd person narrator and a focus in one experience or sensation felt by a non-human being.

Besides written text, the work has also been exhibited as an installation consisting of a dark room where viewers could listen to the stories being read over a background of silence and algorithmmically generated sounds. This exhibition took place at Shelter Amsterdam as part of the Sandberg's Design Department graduation show.

With the deepest thanks to the guidance of Daniel van der Velden, Filippo Taveri, Jesse Darling and Rob Schröder. A special thanks to André Lourenço, Angelo Custódio, Duncan Robertson, Mavi Veloso, Niccolò Borgia and Thom Driver — the readers — for having dedicated their time to collaborate on this project.