To Kiss the World Through a Veil of Lead


You move next to the ground and your body slithers softly in bare sand. Grains massage your abdomen; pinpricks pierce the tension in your muscles and help you release clouds of chemical compounds in the air. You are attracting mates.

You find a suitable, open area and begin crawling in circles. Your movements help further propelling the scents that should bring forth others of your kind. You thrust into the ground to create depressions that eventually become lathered in sweat. You pierce the sand deeper with your mouth and yell, creating round holes filled with the sticky vibrations of your shouts.

Satisfied, you move outside the structure you just built and wait. Puffs of grey gas exit your body infrequently; dense and heavy, they linger close to the ground and slowly intoxicate you. In your altered state, the sand beneath seems to whisper and shout; it hears your smells and replies with threats to absorb your gases and strip you of your future progeny.

A rustling sound stirs you out of your stupor and you see two others of your kind approaching. Their bodies heave and shiver, spouting faint transparent particulates as they draw closer to each other for warmth. They cannot avoid sucking in the intoxicating gases you have already produced; on them, however, the result is different. Instead of experiencing hallucinations, their skins crack like glass; the exposed flesh is soft and mushy. Their shivering intensifies and their unprotected bodies touch and meld. Your mates become conjoined as their bodies begin to fuse in a misshapen heap. Their skin crumbles and they hiss in pleasure at their complete transubstantiation.

Once the process is finished, they leave with clumsy movements, a trail of pus and blood in their wake. You turn your back as well. The fertilisation is complete.