To Kiss the World Through a Veil of Lead


To one side and the other; a corner here and then there; quickly, now, before anyone sees you! With small and strong claws you latch on to a creature passing by. You then burrow into its surface and regurgitate your seed in the hole. You retch and reel and vomit a pulsating mass of sperm and ovules. As soon as it is done, you take a quick look at your soon-to-be progeny absorbing their unwilling and unwitting host's cells.

You jump to your next host. Landing on its rigid skin, you see its warmth as minuscule fireflies, the bigger and bluer the warmer they are. You gobble up these droplets of energy and begin to burrow again. This surface is harder than expected: you need to decide whether to spend more time here or move on without impregnating this creature. Choosing to take the risk, you put all your body's weight behind your claws, making a dent that finally allows you to dig.

You begin to tremble with the incoming ejaculation. It has been too much time — too many seconds — since you last expelled sperm and ovules. They accumulate in the interstitial space between your organs and the toxins released by your seed become bulging tentacles that threaten to squeeze the life out of you. Not minding whether the hole is deep enough, you open your oral cavity and vomit an inordinate amount of reproductive cells.

The toxins burn you as they are regurgitated together with your seed. Their sweet and sour harmonies are acidic enough to inflame your whole body, weakening you further. You need to move away, but are unable to; you hurt and throb, still gripped by the ghosts of crunching secretions. Time's up, you jump to the next host, unsure whether you'll reach it.