To Kiss the World Through a Veil of Lead


You are asleep when a stream of electricity enters you and sears your insides; you are glowing coal now. Your skin cracks in fractures that shine with an iridescent green glow, pulsating veins of light filled with humours that dart in all directions. As scraps of your surface fall to the ground and your body disintegrates in shaking attempts to contain energy, you wake up from your slumber.

Electrical currents fluctuate through your dying/living body: you feel your skin's texture changing, quivering ripples that reach your burnt core. You curl inside yourself in a flicker of pleasure and crackling laughter that echoes into space.

The stream of electricity withdraws, exiting your body with a brief suction sound, almost lifting you and severing your contact with the ground. Your flaming voltaic heart flutters: it wants to follow the retracting lightning, but its desire is soon drowned in the fire of life that rages inside you. Pleasure; joy; the rush towards the light; the longing for energy.

Your body and your lights marvel you. Beams of energy frame your face like a choir of welcomed sleeplessness that cracks you open even more. You separate from the dead shell of your comatose body and become a rhombic crystal of burning stone. You howl at your freedom, at the streams of melted rock, at the burnt organic matter. You move them as you would move your limbs.

From the resulting fire that consumes all you touch, you hear stories and you discover chemical compositions that you dissect with searing kisses of manic pleasure. The burning spreads from you to the outside, bathing all in deep green hues. You wish for this burning to say "I am awake, I am awake." Your heat greedily devours all. Filled with hunger, you move into the landscape.