To Kiss the World Through a Veil of Lead


You move through inodorous, invisible gases. Floating through them, you feel electric charges pulsating and moving. You see them as bursts of light in geometric shapes that leave faint linear trails behind. These afterimages linger for a long time and the world for you is a black stage filled with long irrelevant memories of ancient events.

Crossing the afterimages makes you twitch as their energy transfers to you. You store it safely in microscopic pockets spread around your graceless and indelicate body. These pouches of static electricity become heavy and interfere with your own nervous system: past a certain limit, their charge causes spasms through your body and you become exceptionally sensitive. Your dark world of fading images becomes a tempest of bright erratic mementos; your senses become unreliable.

You are now close to a source of food. You see electric charges buzzing frantically as you approach it. You tread lightly, feeling the whole creature wobbling, unwittingly turning towards you, opening wide its reproductive organs, salivating for your deep pockets of electrons. You release your stored electricity and jump inside this being. As expected, its seed is abundant and untouched. You see it as static pulses of light which are too constantly bright to leave an afterimage. You propel yourself inside piles of unfertilised eggs, storing them inside and outside your body. There is your pleasure; there is the buzzing symphony of joy and satisfaction that pulsates through your limbs and your nervous system. You stop your feeding frenzy for a moment and look at yourself. You are a star of brightness, covered in twinkling handfuls of light.

Sated, you exit the creature and take to the air again. You swing and sway, almost blinded by the light that comes from you and blocks all but the biggest electric fields.